Laminate Shower Cubicles
Laminate Shower Cubicles


laminate Cubicles

Compact grade laminate shower cubicles with satin anodised ironmongery

Glass Shower Cubicles
Glass Shower Cubicles


Screen printed glass

Screen printed glass shower cubicles for a contemporary alternative

Shower Cubicles UK Manufacturers & Suppliers

Creating a clean, bright and functional shower room requires cubicles tailor-made for a volatile environment. Careful consideration must be given in these applications, especially in leisure clubs and swimming pool applications.

Water Saturation and changes in temperature are key factors and therefore only our Forte cubicles are used in these areas. Compact grade laminate is the perfect solution, but if you wish to have a more contemporary feel then it is worth considering 10mm Screen printed glass as an alternative.

Stainless Steel fittings can be adopted as the perfect complement to this classy range. Often cubicles also incorporate a change area, comprising of additional hat/coat hooks, benching with a shaped splash screen to keep your clothes dry whilst showering.

In confined spaces outward opening doors can accommodate additional space within the cubicle. For an executive feel – why not upgrade your selection to our élan cubicle and enjoy a profiled aluminium façade with titanium textured hardware.

Shower Cubicles Options:

  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Screen Printed Logos
  • Full Height – Unisex
  • Anti-Peep Rails
  • Anti-Vandal Fittings
  • Splash Screens
  • Benching